About the ISA

Section 8 Chicago, the Independent Supporters’ Association for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, encompasses a number of affiliate supporters groups and independent fans. The vision of the ISA is “. . . to unite all Chicago Fire fans, to create a dominant in-stadium force unseen in any American team sport and to establish a home-field advantage whenever the Chicago Fire play.”

The ISA exists to supplement the efforts of independent fans, coordinate between the supporters groups and act as liaison between fans and the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. As a non-profit organization, a board of directors is elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting in February by the assembled supporters.


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Board of Directors

2017 Section 8 Chicago ISA Board of Directors


Chair: Scott Greene (WB05)


Coordinates all Section 8 Chicago activities, presides over all board meetings, provides general guidance, secondary signer of financial disbursements (in addition to finance/treasurer), primary contact with external organizations (e.g. Fire, Bridgeview council, etc.)
E-Mail: scott@s8c.org | Twitter: @_scott_g_


Vice-Chair: Dan Giroux (Second City North)

Assists Chairperson in coordinating all ISA activities, fills in for chair when needed (board or external meetings), coordinates communication between board members (distributes agenda, sets meeting times, etc.), may sign in place of Chair on disbursements, responsible for minutes of meetings, keeps record of all votes.
E-Mail: dang@s8c.org | Twitter: @dangeroux97


Director, Finances: Ryan Movahed (Independent)

Responsible for recommending financial policies and procedures which further the Corporation’s goal of supporting the Chicago Fire Soccer Club; responsible for providing recommendations that promote and maintain the fiscal stability of the Corporation; coordinates with other directors in support of their activities and developing their annual budgets; responsible for tracking/recording all cash receipts and disbursements as well as other financial records; responsible for annually developing overall budget by the second Monday of January; responsible for providing oversight on charitable fundraising activities; provides monthly income/expense reports to Board of Directors by the fifteenth (15) day of the following month; provides to the public a quarterly accounts balance sheet by the fifteenth (15) day of April, July, and October.
E-Mail: ryan@s8c.org | Twitter: @FratlasChugged


Director, Operations: Freddy Coba


The Director of Operations is primarily tasked with game-day operations both in and out of the stadium. These duties include supervising the tailgate, match set-up crew and coordinating with various groups on game-day needs for all Fire games. Aside from game-day duties, the Director of Operations is also obligated to meet with the Fire front office at various points (typically monthly, minimally quarterly) to review any issues or complaints related to game-day operations. The Director of Operations is also required to liaise with opposition teams’ Front Office representatives, opposition supporters’ groups representatives, League officials, as well as local law enforcement (at home or away) as deemed necessary on a game by game basis.
E-Mail: freddy@s8c.org | Twitter:


Director, Marketing: Christian Castro (Independent)

Develops and executes a comprehensive annual marketing plan targeting existing and new supporters of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. The primary objective of the plan will be to assist the ISA in reaching its annual goals for support and growth of the fanbase. Such a plan and associated elements shall include, but not be limited to, digital media, print media and effective methods to reach out to existing and potential supporters.
E-Mail: christian@s8c.org | Twitter: @ChristianCastro


Director, Communications: Kailagh Anne (Banter Buddies)

Maintains supporter registration and email database; responsible for production of newsletter, social media, communication with supporters groups and independent supporters, providing press releases, and any other public relations; supervises assistant director and webmaster; coordinates with the Front Office to arrange proper game-day credentials for media working on behalf of ISA (writers and photographers).
E-Mail: kailagh@s8c.org; communications@s8c.org | Twitter: @kailaghannee; @Section8Chicago


Director, Fundraising: Caleb Kieffer

Creates, develops, and maintains ways to generate donations to help the ISA carry out its stated purpose. This includes but is not limited to the oversight of tailgates, coordination of design and production of merchandise, and creating contacts within the Chicago soccer community for auction or raffle items. This position also includes seeking out other non-profits within the Chicago soccer community to partner with for fundraising campaigns.
E-Mail: caleb@s8c.org | Twitter:


Director, Events: Sean Callaghan (Independent)

Coordinates/oversees all external activities, including but not limited to, travel and ticketing for away games, volunteers, and other social activities. The Director of Events is also required to liaise with opposition teams’ Front Office representatives, opposition supporters’ groups representatives, League officials, as well as local law enforcement (at home or away) as deemed necessary on a game by game basis.
E-Mail: sean@s8c.org | Twitter: @seancallaghan18