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    My name is Kenneth Sarup and i am a producer at the Copenhagen, Denmark based production company Drive Studios.

    We are in the process of shooting a 6 episode series on American Sports, to further the interest in these among the Danish viewers. We have already visited Washington in December to do our American Football episode and last week we where in Los Angeles for the Basketball episode and Dallas for the Hockey episode.

    We will be in Chicago from the 7th-10th of March to shoot our Soccer show and we are going to the Chicago Fire – Orlando City game.

    We are looking for some fans to interview and join in the preparation for the game and that is why I am contacting you guys. Would any of your fans maybe be interested in talking to us about being a Chicago Fire fan and what it means to them and maybe let us tag along to the tailgate/Tifo making/game (or whatever makes sense)?

    The show is a fun, lighthearted and informative look at American sport and the fans who love it. The 2 hosts David and Christian are both famous (in Denmark at least) Journalist/Comedians and we are a single camera operation and are therefore very discreet and flexible (5 people all in all with the two hosts)

    Please do let me know if you have any questions at all about our show. Maybe we could do an online video meeting where I could further elaborate 🙂

    Thanks for now!

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