Supporter Groups

As an Independent Supporters’ Association, Section 8 Chicago provides support for a wide variety of supporters’ groups as well as individuals.  Affiliating your group to Section 8 is free, easy and the benefits are considerable — if you have a group of five or more supporters, fill out the Section 8 Chicago Supporter Group Information Form.

We can provide free web hosting, group discounts on tickets and merchandise, support for activities such as tailgates, buses to games and to help groups sell gear.  We will assist you in any communications with the club or on road trips.  We are an umbrella organization to coordinate between the supporters groups. Basically, we’re here to help in any way we can, so drop us a line to learn more and check out our S8C Supporter Group and Supporter Assistance Application too.

Past & present groups affiliated with Section 8 Chicago:

ATLANTIC FIRE BRIGADE  AFB badge final small version

Atlantic Fire Brigade was founded in 2014 by a group of loyal Fire fans who enjoy gathering together for each match day during the tailgates and within Section 8. Although it is an independent organization the AFB’s founding members meet and socialize at the Atlantic Bar in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago which is why the name, and the nautical theme, were first adopted. The AFB is an inclusive supporter’s group who welcomes all committed fans of the Fire to join.

FIRE ULTRAS 98      

fire ultras 98 large logo

The most notorious of supporters’ groups, Fire Ultras 98 is a group of Polish fans, both recent immigrants and transplanted natives, dedicated to supporting the Chicago Fire Soccer Club in the traditional “ultras” style common in their home country and across Europe.
Established in 1998, FU98 members known for their harder edge in support of the Fire at home and away; identifiable by their orange jackets, scarfs and fervent vocal and visual support. Originally residing in Section 9 at Soldier Field in 1998, they merged into Section 8 for the 1999 season. This group is responsible for the original visual style of Fire fans: wearing of scarves, displaying large banners, and waving flags.

Established in 1998, the Arsonists originally occupied Section 16 at old Soldier Field. They have come and gone several times from Section 8 proper, but remain a respected fan group to this day.

Blitzer Mob is a group dedicated to a consummation of passion for the City of Chicago, industrial music and the beautiful game.

A supporters group for veterans, service members and family members, current or former service. Anyone with a Military ID or Honorable Discharge is welcome. If you are or were in, or have a close family member that was, you belong here, no matter what country you or they served in.
Contact :: Jason Kekeis,

The Shandy Sisters share not only a passion for the Fire, but a common interest in music, ideals, aesthetics, etc. –”…it’s not just boys’ fun!”

Named after the “Winged Hussars” elite knights of the Polish Army between the 16th and 18th century; Husaria is a predominantly Polish group of Fire supporters organized at the end of the 08′ season Dedicated to support the Chicago Fire in the style of the European Ultras.

The Partisans are a group of Chicago Fire supporters that also take an active interest in leftist politics.

The Red Scare were established in 2006 with origins (but not limited to) the Joliet area. Hardcore Fire supporters that live for Saturday.

Sector Latino are a Central/South American ‘barra’-style group of Hispanic Fire fans, established in 2005.

The Western Front was formed in 2006 to organize supporter activities for Fire fans from Oak Park to Naperville and all points in between. WF seek to provide opportunities to share your passion.

Formed in 2003, inspired by FU98 to bring the ultras spirit to fans of other nationalities and formally introduced the European concept of organized visual support (referred to as “tifo”) to Section 8.

Established in 2004. Wasted potential, lucky strikes, whiskey, snakes, foreign policy, and the beautiful game. Not necessarily in that order.

Regional Groups

East Bank Firm are a collection of Fire supporters from St. Louis and the surrounding region.

Fire fans located thought Ohio with the largest contingents being in Columbus and Dayton. OFF makes regular trips to Chicago, is at every Columbus game and most other road-trips.

Inactive groups formerly affiliated with Section 8 Chicago:

The oldest and onetime largest group, established in 1997 before the Chicago Fire Soccer Club was founded. The Barn Burners were the original occupants of Section 8 at old Soldier Field.

A group of Fire fans organized in 2005 who bring a taste of traditional English football support with a Chicago flavor.

We welcome one and all. We support the FIRE by any means necessary. If anyone thinks they can come to Chicago and take points from the Fire they must go through us, all of us. All Chicago. All Together. We are involved in numerous activities outside the stadium including pre-game tailgates, organizing road trips, section outings, and buses from The Globe Pub to all home games (1934 W Irving Park, Chicago).

First recognized as a supporter group in 2002, MDSC are Fire fans with a decidedly skin/mod influence and an abiding love for their city; and count former GM Peter Wilt as a member. While many members still come to games, the group is now defunct.