The Chicago Fire Soccer Club Supporters’ Charter

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The Chicago Fire Soccer Club Supporters’ Charter – April 2010



The Chicago Fire Soccer Club is unwavering in its commitment to the tradition, honor and passion that is the Chicago Fire. Our Club represents all that is Chicago – authentic, tough, proud and gritty. We are unapologetic in our devotion to our supporters and to the beautiful game. The Chicago Fire Soccer Club fully embraces and is inspired by the energy, enthusiasm and passion that our supporters bring to each and every match. Our supporters come from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. No matter the background, all are welcome to support our club. We are the Chicago Fire.

Our values include a commitment to the community and to ensuring a safe, enjoyable and entertaining soccer experience for all of our guests. Most importantly, we are committed each and every day towards the ultimate goal of winning championships.

We recognize that it is our responsibility to be a leader in our community. It is our desire to not only win on the pitch but also off of it. It is paramount that we grow the passion for this Club and for the game of soccer throughout our great city. “Our expectations are high, and that’s because you, our supporters demand it.

“Our expectations are high, and that’s because you, our supporters demand it. Working together with you, we are committed to a sense of unity and purpose that extends from our fan base to our front office, from the first team all the way down to our youth development program and, of course, to our community work. Thank you for always reminding the organization of what’s possible and what we are all capable of accomplishing together as a community, that our goal is not to be mediocre; that we shouldn’t ever be satisfied with where we are but rather be excited about where we want to go and do something to get there. We can all do it together.”
Andrew Hauptman (March 31st 2010)
Chicago Fire Soccer Club Owner

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club Supporters’ Charter was created to highlight its mission and values and ensure that they are respected and successfully carried out by all those associated with the Club, including its supporters, Fire staff, players and stadium personnel. It establishes a covenant of respect and understanding between the Chicago Fire and its supporters, and a mutual commitment to open and honest communications.

To that end, this Charter was drafted in collaboration with our valued supporters, including Section 8 Chicago, the Independent Supporters’ Association (ISA) for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. For the purposes of this Charter, supporters are defined as all of those who are fans of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Whether a supporter of the Club since its inception in 1997 or a more recent supporter of the club, all who attend, watch, listen to matches or follow the club in any form is recognized as a supporter of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club.


Tradition, Honor, Passion
The Chicago Fire Soccer Club will respect the values of tradition, honor and passion that its supporters have embodied since the club’s founding in 1997. These values also include a commitment to winning, fair play, tolerance, respect, teamwork, and appreciation of good soccer.

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club embraces the qualities and ideals often associated with “Chicago”: authentic, tough, hard working, proud, and diverse. Our club is as diverse as the community that supports us. Players from this country as well as from every corner of the world have worn our badge proudly. We will continue to embrace this diversity in everything we do.

Our club recognizes the importance of contributing to our community. In building a stronger community together, we will make a difference in our city and will also grow support for our Club. This belief is one that is shared by all those employed by the Club and shall always remain paramount.

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club’s spirit on the pitch parallels the spirit of its supporters. It is based on a passionate effort to succeed and a commitment to play exciting, entertaining and, most importantly, quality soccer. This spirit is likewise shared by all of Chicago Fire Soccer Club management. The Club will always strive to be a world-class operation.

Stand and Deliver
Nothing embodies the spirit and passion of our supporters more than the words included in “Stand and Deliver.” The Chicago Fire Soccer Club are inspired by the values and passion expressed in “Stand and Deliver”. It speaks to the critical relationship between The Chicago Fire Soccer Club and its supporters and the undying commitment that the fans have for our Club:

All supporters should be committed to upholding the meaning of Stand and Deliver. For the team, as always, we are behind you, our expectations may be high, but we are not unreasonable. You are in this league because you have talent, strength, passion, and commitment. I challenge you; we as fans challenge you to never take a game off, never take a play off, EVER. We will be your rock, we will be unwavering, and we will stand beside you always. Bring the strength back, bring the pride back, and put us at the top forever. We will be strong for you every game, no matter our numbers, all we ask is you do the same, it is your PRIVILEGE to wear the colors as it is ours, it is our HONOR to stand behind you, as it should be yours to play for us. If you leave it all out on the field every game nothing can stop us, no matter who we play make 11 into 1, make us proud, and let Chicago be known for all time.

Brandon Kitchens (1983-2007)
President, Whiskey Brothers Aught Five
Chicago fan since ’98


The Club and its supporters are committed to upholding the rights and expectations outlined:

A supporter attending a Chicago Fire Soccer Club match has the right to expect:

1. That Fire staff, players and stadium personnel will recognize and respect the values espoused by the Club
2. To be treated with dignity and respect by Fire staff, players and stadium personnel.
3. To support his or her team provided that the support does not negatively impact the play on the pitch or the enjoyment of other supporters. 4. To provide public feedback about the competition and the stadium experience in accordance with MLS and stadium regulations.
5. That staff, players and stadium personnel are aware of this Charter and its contents.
6. That the Chicago Fire Soccer Club will support the rights of supporters wherever the Fire plays in accordance with regulations of MLS and its members’ stadiums.
7. The club to facilitate mechanisms for supporters to express their opinions.
8. The club to adhere to its published supporters policies regarding supporters.

Expectations of Chicago Fire Soccer Club Supporters

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club welcomes all Fire supporters—wherever the club hosts or plays a match—and expects that fans conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion, reflecting the honor and values of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Support, passion and excitement for our club do not absolve them from their responsibility to be good citizens and uphold the law. Legal obligations and responsibilities are expected to be upheld by both the Club and our supporters alike.The Club expects and requires that Chicago Fire Soccer Club supporters are committed to the following:

1. To be respectful of all other supporters, participants, match officials, entertainers, athletes, stadium personnel, staff members and stadium property.
2. To behave in a responsible manner and not interfere in other supporters’ enjoyment of the match.
3. To refrain from using foul, sexist, racial, or offensive language including any type of obscene gesture.
4. To refrain from throwing prohibited objects onto the field of play.
5. To never bring or use objects that may endanger public safety, including but not limited to the use of flares, smoke bombs and fireworks.
6. To not enter a stadium with prohibited items as stated in Club policies and on the Chicago Fire Soccer Club website.
7. To never enter the field of play, the performance area or interfere with the event in any fashion.
8. To comply with the direction and policies of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, including the Code of Conduct.
9. To adhere to the TOYOTA PARK Code of Conduct & MLS Fan Code of Conduct.

Nothing herein shall alter the requirement for spectators to possess a ticket to enter the stadium and nothing herein shall alter, amend or supersede any of the rights, obligations, restrictions, limitations or waivers related to such ticket.

Reflecting the Club and its supporters’ commitment to our shared values, it is understood that those supporters who do not comply with the Chicago Fire Soccer Club’s policies and procedures are subject to ejection from the stadium, revocation of ticket privileges, fines, arrest, prosecution, and other punishments in accordance with MLS and stadium regulations and all other local and Federal laws.


A core value of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club is to make a positive difference in the community in which it operates. The Club is committed to bringing people together and creating a common passion and bond in the sport of soccer. These bonds will connect all supporters from season ticket holders to club sponsors to civic bodies to fans and all citizens. The Chicago Fire Soccer Foundation, the charitable arm of the Chicago Fire, makes significant contributions to enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth throughout Chicagoland. Focusing on disadvantaged youth, the Chicago Fire Foundation looks to support causes in the areas of health and wellness, education, and the environment. The Club hopes that it can inspire its fans to meaningfully support the work of the Club in the community and that which the Foundation supports.

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club works to extend its reach and impact on the community. In this spirit, the Fire will maintain a commitment to:

1. Encourage a love for the game and be an inclusive organization open and accessible to all regardless of age, sex, race, religion or disability.
2. Increase youth involvement by continuing to promote participation in a variety of activities.
3. Not tolerate any form of discrimination or racism.
4. Maintain an equal opportunities policy in the areas of employment and service provision.


The Chicago Fire Soccer Club Supporters’ Charter included here will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and amended as necessary in collaboration with our valued supporters, including Section 8 Chicago, the Independent Supporters’ Association for the Chicago Fire Soccer Club (ISA).

The Chicago Fire Soccer Club believes it is important to maintain a positive and productive relationship with supporters. As such, the Fire has a Fan Relations department dedicated to maintaining a positive and safe experience for all supporters.

Fan Relations staff members are available to the public from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm CT, Monday to Friday, at TOYOTA PARK.

As part of its commitment to its supporters, the Chicago Fire Soccer Club will regularly review and publish its policies regarding supporters which may include the following:

 Home supporters entrance policy
 Designated gate
 Designating the standing supporters sections (currently 117, 118, & 211)
 Regulations on instruments, banners and flags
 Parking lot policy
 Tailgate regulations  Ticketing and ISA ticket commission
 Designation of supporters’ liaison
 Match day operations
 Credentials
 Banners
 Capo stand
 Visiting supporters plan
 Security personnel
 Club support of Section 8 Chicago road trips

 Should a Fire supporter have suggestions, comments, ideas or complaints with regards to the Club, contact can be made by the following methods:

In writing:
Fan Relations, Attn: Manager
Toyota Park
7000 S. Harlem Ave.
Bridgeview, IL 60455





Major League Soccer values the support of every one of its fans. MLS pledges to protect a fan’s right to:
 Watch the game in a safe, clean and healthy environment.
 Be treated in a courteous, consistent and professional manner.
 Be treated with dignity and respect by other spectators attending the game and those organizing the event.
 ‘Support’ his or her team, provided that the support is in good taste and neither adversely impacts the event experience of fellow spectators nor negatively impacts the game.
 Expect displays of good sportsmanship.
 Expect timely and accurate information related to the game.


Major League Soccer is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable soccer experience for all guests in and around our stadiums. MLS fans have a right to expect an environment where:
 Fans are encouraged to cheer, sing, and otherwise support their team while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, referees, opposing team fans and players. Fans enjoy the soccer experience free from fighting, *thrown objects, attempts to enter the playing field, political or inciting messages, and disorderly behavior, including foul, sexist, racial, obscene or abusive language or gestures.
 Fans comply with requests from stadium staff regarding stadium policies and emergency response procedures.
 Fans promptly and carefully return the ball to a stadium staff member or the ball kid on the sidelines in the event that a soccer ball enters the stands.
 Alcoholic beverages are consumed in a responsible manner and only by those of legal age.
 Fans conduct themselves in a lawful manner to avoid incidents in the stadium and in the parking lots.

*NOTE: The use of streamers and confetti as an expression of fan enthusiasm is not prohibited, but will be kept under review. Streamers are not to be used to impact the competition and/or thrown at or toward a player, referee or stadium staff member.


MLS and its Clubs thank you for adhering to the provisions of this Code of Conduct and for making this event special and memorable to you and your fellow patrons.

TOYOTA PARK Code of Conduct

TOYOTA PARK Code of Conduct is committed to providing all guests with the ultimate fan experience. We ask all guests to adhere to the following code of conduct.
 Guests shall be respectful of all other guests, fans, participants, referees, entertainers, athletes, stadium staff and stadium property.
 Guests shall not interfere in other guests’ enjoyment of the event.
 Guests who drink alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
 Guests shall smoke only in designated areas within TOYOTA PARK.  Guests shall refrain from using offensive language, making obscene gestures, throwing objects, using flares, fireworks, smoke bombs and other prohibited items.
 Guests shall never enter the field of play, the performance area or interfere with the event in any fashion.
 Guests shall comply with the direction and instructions of TOYOTA PARK staff.