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To experience the joys of supporter culture former S8C Director of Events Jacob Peters provides us some background on Fire history, rivalries, and some footnotes on how to effectively criticize, troll, and generally enjoy Fire games. Next up, First Match of the Season in La La Land (well, technically further from La La Land than Bridgeview is from Chicago). As always…

Sing in full voice. Hate with reason.

7pm CT Saturday March 2nd vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

Chicago Fire will play in a stadium that actually has a lot in common with their home field. Dignity Health Sports Park is further from the closest part of Los Angeles than SeatGeek Stadium is from the closest part of Chicago, as well as further from downtown Los Angeles. The primary difference is that the Galaxy have thrown enough money at their rost to make up for their less-than-central locations. It is surrounded by just as few things to do before or after a match and is equally out of the way by public transit. Despite this, the Galaxy have proven that the location doesn’t matter…if you spend (Keane-like) money on Beckham, Landon Donovan, Zlatan, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, Gio and Jonathan Dos Santos.

Smog caused by the burning of MLS salary cap rules


Through 2006 we had played each other twice in the playoffs each emerging victorious once, both had only missed the playoffs once, and each won 5 titles. 4 US Open Cups and an MLS Cup for the Fire. 2 US Open Cups, 2 MLS Cups, and a CONCACAF Champions Cup for the Galaxy. Since then you know the diversion in fate, since then we have watched as this big market team playing in the middle of nowhere has proven that it is possible.   

Jorge Campos Memorial Bedpan (rendering)

Anyway back to the hate.

Burns — A Brief Critique of a Major League Soccer’s (white/navy blue and) golden child:

This is more of something that burns us because of the unfairness of it all, rather than our normal set of insults because you can’t talk about the success the Galaxy have had without addressing why. It’s a running joke amongst everyone who follows MLS that the league bends over backward in order to make sure that the LA Galaxy have the best possible (financial) opportunity to win.

When they wanted to sign David Beckham but the MLS Salary Cap stood in the way of them doing so without sacrificing the entire rest of their lineup, the league made up a workaround on the spot referred to by most simply as “The Beckham Rule”. Which allowed any team to only have one player that made more than a set amount.

Real cash, not MLS banana stand money

When the Galaxy wanted to sign more designated players, MLS updated the rules to allow for more. Eventually, they added Targeted Allocation Money (which had been originally rumored to be called “Core Player” designation) because the Galaxy wanted to add even more players making more than the league maximum. Even this year, the Galaxy are restructuring a contract with a player in order for him not to count as a Designated Player (like how they backloaded Nigel De Jong and Zlatan’s contracts) which technically violates MLS Players Association rules.


Other teams have tried to pull these shenanigans and been thwarted in the past, so it’s nice to see that this time around the rules that apply to the rest of us are at least in a minimal way applying to the Galaxy. We will find out on Saturday whether Gio Dos Santos will still be playing for MLS’s spoiled child.

Sound of Sirens — Fire chants to Shout at Galaxy:

Over the years our jeers of Galaxy players have usually been player specific, oftentimes aimed at teasing the many players who have gone to LA after playing in Chicago before, right now there are 2 options:

  • Matt Lampson:
    • “We loved Lamp, We loved Lamp…We Hate Lamp, We Hate Lamp”
  • Juninho: Sung to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”
    • “Where did you go Juninho? Where did you go Juninho? Where did you go Juninho, even when you were on the Fire?”

Watch Commander — Where to See the Game, and What to Look For:

Are you LA and didn’t already buy a ticket? WTF?!? Contact S8C either via Twitter or communications@s8c.org and we’ll try to help you out. 

Meanwhile, if you’re staying in Chicago, there are a trio of watch parties being promoted by different groups:

    • The Section 8 Chicago ISA Board
      • The Globe Pub near the Irving Park Brown Line just east of Damen.
        • The Fanciest Shot + Beer Special: $8 for FEW whiskey and a Krombacher
        • Check the tweeter, there will be others
        • 21+
    • Arson City Ultras
      • Liar’s Club just west of Clybourn on Fullerton.
        • Free Pizza
        • Live Music after the game including by the artists you know fondly as “Sector Musical”.
        • 21+



      • $4 Heineken drafts, raffles for opening day tickets & an away jersey
      • Music Provided by Section 8 Chicago’s very own DJ Step
      • All Ages