s8c.org clean up
  • Hi Everyone,
    We are attempting to clean up the main website, if you know of any broken links or images that havent already been updated please post them here.
  • The link to affiliated supporters groups on this page: http://www.s8c.org/about/

    Take down the shopify link on this page?: http://www.s8c.org/about/contact/ I don't think that storefront has been used in a long time.

    The link to the bylaws on this page (http://www.s8c.org/about/mission-statement/) goes straight to the 2012 pdf, can it be changed to the bylaws page (http://www.s8c.org/about/by-laws/) instead?

    The "tailgate map here" link on this page is broken: http://www.s8c.org/gameday/tailgate/

    The link to toyota park's tailgating policies on this page http://www.s8c.org/gameday/tailgate/  should actually be http://www.chicago-fire.com/matchday/tpbasics/atoz#31 Also it should be noted that these are tailgating policies for Fire games only. Could you add a line and a link to Toyota Park's site too?: http://www.toyotapark.com/

    On this page: http://www.s8c.org/about/supporter-groups/
    -Blitzer Mob's website is gone Add wayback machine link instead? (https://web.archive.org/web/20080725044957/http://www.blitzermob.com/)
    -Mike Ditka's Street Crew website is gone. Add wayback machine link instead? (https://web.archive.org/web/20060116134313/http://www.mikeditkastreetcrew.com/)
    -Add a note that the Ultras Red Side site is members only?

  • Excellent! Thank you for all of these, they have been updated. 

    RIP MDSC website 
  • Thanks to @mdsclan, @serenosaur for help with updating the website. If you have any broken links or images, let @mdsclan or me know. 

    We (ISA) had expected to have a new website in May/June. Long story short, we have no new website, but a group of us (S8C Web Team/Committee) are working on auditing the current content. We'll move forward from there to how the site is organized, aesthetics/design, the tech side of things, etc. If any of this interests you, please email me at nicole at s8c.org. 
  • And another thing: I noticed that this page on the Fire's website ( http://www.chicago-fire.com/post/2010/07/23/memoriam ) has a broken link to Stand and Deliver, which is hosted on s8c's old website. Would it be easier to ask them to update the link, or can we set up a re-direct?

  • *bump*  

    do you know @mdsclan the answer to @serenosaur's question? i'm not sure myself. 
  • I think I found the missing Stand & Deliver page. The question is where would we like this to fall on the website - under "About" or under "Game Day"?

    @mdsclan - do you know how to add an individual link in the navigation bar for "Stand & Deliver"? If not, I can ask Zack P. He mentioned possibly helping out as well. 

    Also, is  it possible to incresease the size of kitchen's photo on stand & delivery page and/or center it? Not sure what the standard size photo is for these pages. 

  • Ok. I added "Stand & Deliver" to the main navigation bar. Hopefully this year, with the help from the web team we can figure out how we best want to sort the navigation of this site. 

    If anyone has constructive criticism or ideas, let me know. Also, let me know if you're interested in being involved in any web team help. 

    @mdsclan I still do need help with this if you're able to help: is it possible to increase the size of kitchen's photo on stand & delivery page and/or center it? Not sure what the standard size photo is for these pages. 
  • the photo quality is not good enough to enlarge it any further.. sorry
  • MDSCIan said:

    the photo quality is not good enough to enlarge it any further.. sorry

    Thanks for trying. 
  • @mdsclan i will follow-up with you via email, but I thought I'd post this here too... 

    Would you be able to help with an embedded HTML code for s8c season tix? Per Ernst, "...code for a direct purchase button that you can add to your site."

    We used to have a hyperlink in the left navigation bar that said something like "Season Tickets" and went directly to the Fire site. Is that something we can do with this code? I'll forward it to you now. 
  • image

    May I make a request to whoever is making website updates? Would you please update these links to read either "Section 8 Chicago" or "S8C", not "Section 8" or "S8"?

    Would it be possible to also add the S8C forums to that list of resourceful links too?


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