S8C New Years Day Indoor Soccer Tourney
  • Section 8 Chicago New Years Day tournament.  I assume this isnt happening this year?  And no beach tournament either?  I hope to be able to be the catalyst that starts these traditions again next year. New Board I will be speaking with you once youre elected. 

  • We need someone to take the lead in organizing. Our original organizer quit on us.
  • Thats what I figured.  I hope 2016 I can take this role on.  The beach tournament is one of the highlights of my summer! 

  • People are taking money for this and it seems to be getting promoted, is it really not happening?
  • I wanted to write a quick note about why the NYD tourney is at the Fire Pitch this year instead of ChiTown as it has been in past years. Other board members can chime in with details I am omitting when they're able.

    S8CSC Organizer started planning the tourney at Fire Pitch w/ CFRS staff. When the full ISA board found out (give or take a week ago) - we had a discussion about the tourney being held there. Half of the board seemed to prefer ChiTown due to our the history and tradition of hosting it there. We also want to maintain a good relationship with ChiTown. 

    A few of us agree that while Fire Pitch is an incredibly nice facility, it is important for us to remain engaged with other soccer facilities, leagues and organizations in the city. 

    I personally reached out to a handful of folks, who I know have helped organize s8c teams, leagues and/or events in the past to see if any of them would be willing to take the lead on this. I had a couple of volunteers to help but no one able to take the lead. 

    Since Fire Pitch plans were already in place and no one stepped up to take the lead with ChiTown, we will be playing at Fire Pitch this year. I truly hope in future years, we'll be able to host this tourney at ChiTown as per tradition, history and with the importance of maintaining a good relationship with ChiTown. 

    Additionally, this situation brings to attention the importance of communication within our organization and community. While I am labeled the Director of Communications, it is important that we all communicate with one another as to our plans, etc - especially those volunteering in roles that highly impact the community (ISA Board, S8CSC director/organizer, volunteers, etc.). 

    I also think it's imperative that we do not only use Fire Pitch or CFRS as our sole resource for soccer leagues and tourneys.  If we continue to go through Fire for things like this it won't be soon before everything we stand for and everything we've organized in the past will start being run by Fire. We want to maintain a good, healthy relationship with Fire FO/CFRS, as we do other soccer groups, facilities, orgs in the city and surrounding areas as best we can.

    Other board members, please add details I may have overlooked or not been included on.

    One thing I forgot, last year I believe CFRS started their own NYD tournament in competition with ours. Not cool at all. Now we're hosting our tourney at their facility. 
  • Last but not least, here are some notes I took down after last year's tourney to improve on it from years past:

  • Nik, you've made some very good points.  For good or for bad, it sounds like tourney will take place at the Fire Pitch.  I'm fine with either venue, but truth be told, and old man keeper like me prefers to play with "out of bounds" rather than boards.  All joking aside, my only question to pose is whether the amount of fields at the Pitch will be a positive in the sense that there will be less "down time" between games.  I find that to be a drag.  
    One thing to consider.  Winter is LONG.  Maybe we can have another tourney at Chi-Town before our first AWAY game as a watch party type thing?
  • Age Restrictions? lol. 
  • Age Restrictions? lol. 

    I know this may be funny to you, but safety should be a concern. I want everyone to be able to play, but when someone 100+ lbs accidentally turns on someone really young and they break or tear something, this won't be a joke anymore. 

    Also, my notes were just thoughts - something to think about, consider, talk about. 
  • Jake doesn't have access to the forums from work, but asked that we share this with everyone on his behalf.

    "First off, I sincerely apologize for not reaching out to @dangergomez directly. I didn't want him to be barraged with too many people, and was under the impression that Dan was already in contact. Since I have never been to one of these tournaments, let alone run it, I was deferring to those that I had been told had run it in the past. Mad Jeff was going to be unavailable, so it left Braulio as being the organizer.

    When Braulio brought us the Fire Pitch as the location with the price negotiated down to match ChiTown, it was brought to the board for a vote, and we asked whether ChiTown had been given an opportunity to respond. Braulio explained the reasons that he felt this decision was made and then resigned from the organizing position due to unrelated reasons. This left us with the choice of having to stiff Berchem who had gotten the price down at Fire Pitch, or moving the event from ChiTown where it had been hosted during previous years.

    Nicole and Dan reached out to find someone who has organized events who would be interested in stepping in. When there was no one, the decision was made to go with the location where specifics had already been sorted out.

    If I had known that Josue was reaching out to ChiTown, it would have allowed me to pivot away from Fire Pitch & back to ChiTown since that seemed to be the overwhelming opinion of supporters.

    My hope is that next year when I am no longer events director I can help those in Pilsen & the rest of the Southwest Side organize watch parties & tournaments at ChiTown. This is something that I never felt I could do as Events Director because of the overwhelming responses that I have gotten to keep the watch parties at the same 4 bars.

    I feel that outside of being Events Director I can commit myself more to helping people in neighborhoods without existing strong partnerships like Lakeview, Lincoln Square & West Town already have. I can commit myself to the continued growth of Go Tavern in Logan Square where a few fans have found a welcome home and a willing supportive partner. I can offer my help from this experience to others who may try to build off of what Joel has informed me of in terms of Mayne Stage being a visibly pro-Fire location on the far north side, or to those in Pilsen who have expressed an interest in setting up watch parties (where ChiTown should be an obvious starting point).

    With better communication both from board members & to board members from other supporters we can try to avoid similar future issues. But I believe that as Nicole, Dan, & others have said many times "Section 8 is DIY", and we just need more people to get involved on a regular basis, because from the interest I see, I think we're on the verge of being able to have a robust network of doers."

  • @J_Vlaha_43  I prefer playing without boards too, but I do appreciate the tradition of hosting it at the same location. Yes, it would be nice to host another event/tourney there (maybe before the 2016 season starts).  

    Maybe in future years we can hold NYD tourney at ChiTown and another tourney at Fire Pitch. Grasshopper has also been good to us over the years of playing pickup there. 
  • nikhak said:

    Age Restrictions? lol. 

    I know this may be funny to you, but safety should be a concern. I want everyone to be able to play, but when someone 100+ lbs accidentally turns on someone really young and they break or tear something, this won't be a joke anymore. 

    Also, my notes were just thoughts - something to think about, consider, talk about. 

    nikhak said:

    Age Restrictions? lol. 

    I know this may be funny to you, but safety should be a concern. I want everyone to be able to play, but when someone 100+ lbs accidentally turns on someone really young and they break or tear something, this won't be a joke anymore. 

    Also, my notes were just thoughts - something to think about, consider, talk about. 

  • Nik I do hear what you're saying.  As a lawyer you always worry about liability issues (remember, I'm a defense attorney, not a person chasing ambulances) and it concerned me to see young kids playing with adults.  That's why a kid division may be a good idea.  Plus, if I can bring my kids and they play, I won't get an eye-roll when I leave my house to play soccer for the day.  Enough about my "first world" problems.  I think you and Jake have addressed the background and it sounds like (correct me if I'm wrong), that this will be happening at the Fire Pitch.  If that's the case, then we should all try our hardest to drum up interest.  One thing to consider is whether to join up with American Outlaws AND to add a charitable component to this (like bringing food for a kitchen, coats, hats, mittens for kids, etc.  Braulio did the coat thing a year or two ago, right?).  Mixing it up with AO would allow us to chat with and engage people who may not be STHs.  Also, I'm sure Berch could get other teams to join in - but only if we want that to happen.  

    One thing that I've always pondered is how many teams playing at the Pitch (non-Section 8 and non-AO) have lead to season ticket purchases?  Berch, can you chime in?

    In closing, I'm not going to but my nose into whether kids can play with adults, but someone needs to consider that.  Lastly, AK provided the pay for the refs last year, at my request, so someone (maybe me) should ask him (or Berch) again.  I remember it was all very last minute last year so let's not wait this year to the 11th hour.
  • We can take care of paying the refs.

    And no, that's not a "WB05 bribed the ref with Turkmenistani Manat" joke.
  • Free agent here if a team needs someone. Rec division please as I don't think I could keep up with @bkfiv and the Jive Turkeys.
  • I agree that if there is an age limit, there should be a children's league.
  • @J_Vlaha_43 I think that we could handle recruiting teams. I would be more encouraged to recruit through Berch if there were more spots in the tourney, but we have a limited number of spots available. We've never had a problem with getting teams to sign up before.

    Jake and I have been chatting about other fun ideas including a merch table and other tables present that day. I don't want to say too much because we're merely in the planning process, but it includes some ideas you've mentioned. We'll be in touch when we have more info! 

    If you have specific ideas or would like to volunteer that day, feel free to email me nicole at s8c.org. If I can't help then I can connect you with Jake at jake at s8c.org.

    yay, soccer!
  • What's the age cut-off? I was in the Sega game, but I just want to make sure.
  • I've just heard that age cut-off is 18 unless a parent is around to sign a waiver. We are not the ones implementing this rule, but if we use the Fire Pitch this is a rule we'll have to abide by.

    BTW, Jake has been communicating with Fire FO on this, so I am just passing the word along. If I receive any more details I'll share when I can.
  • Jake can distribute waivers to team captains if necessary. Just ask him. 
  • In the photo/notes I posted above, I mentioned that I thought it would be cool if there could be an info table(s) for all teams participating in the tourney (if so desired). Jake addressed this with FO to try to coordinate something, so we can have a merch table, check-in table, possible charity donation table, and other teams/orgs can promote themselves. 

    In years past, we have had teams sign up and they belong to a certain league or organization, but no one really knew who the other teams were. I thought it would be a cool way for the soccer community to join together and showcase where they're from, what they do, etc. 

    So far FO has approved that all teams can have tables except for one group (a group that has participated in the tourney the last two years too and has encouraged outreach with s8c). I am personally unhappy about this. I believe that either all teams/groups get a table or none. 

    Either way, Jake is working to finalize details on if or if not we will try to have any tables set up then (other than check=in, merch, possible charity donation table). Team captains should stay tuned for more on this!
  • Thanks for passing along Nicole. Is there any possibility of The Private Bank Fire Pitch (TM) staff providing a PDF waiver which can be posted here, in a web article about the event and on the ISA's social media accounts?
  • All questions regarding the tourney would be best directed to jake at jake at s8c.org or @archijake on Twitter. He isn't able to go on the forums while he's at work, and it's challenging always being the middle man on info he's providing me/ISA especially when the majority of the other board members don't use the forums to help in relaying any information. (Note: I disagree with lack of communication from most board members on forums.)

    If you, any board members or any other supporters are interested in writing something for the website, let me know. I won't have time, as I leave for vaca in a couple of days. 

  • BTW, I did share your message @jefecrandall with the rest of the board.

    Also, it sounds like Jake will communiate the waiver info with team captains as of now, which I think is reasonable enough since most players are over 18. 
  • FYI - Jake said he's waiting on waiver form from Fire. 
  • I cannot find a way to easily post the waiver form for use.  I have sent the waiver form to all those who have registered their team through paying the team deposit.  Those team captains are tasked with sharing that with their team members.  I have both pdf & doc versions if needed.  Any player over 18 can fill out the waiver on game day, but filling out in advance is always a good idea.  Any player under 18 must have the form filled out by a parent or guardian before they arrive at the pitch, unless their parent is accompanying them.
  • Hey, all! 

    A very belated thank you for those who made it out to the 2016 tourney ;), but more importantly, thanks for those who came out to ring in 2017 at ChiTown with us. It was the first tournament I've organized, so it was awesome to see everyone having a good time. I appreciated the support from all of you.

    On that note, we're always looking for feedback on the event, so let me know if there are things you really enjoyed, things you would have like to have had happened but didn't, etc etc (refs, registration, length of games, teams, food, app, etc.) I have made a list myself (like the one posted above in this thread from a few years ago) that I will share once I hear from some of you.

    I hope to work with Josue and Braulio in 2017 and host more tourneys, friendlies, pick up games, and more. Let's get out there and play!

    soccer love, nicole
  • I know that the forums are not used frequently anymore, but I wanted to share publicly an e-mail that I just sent to three current board members. I think that these three have done awesome work on the board, but I think as a community, we need to hold one another accountable for the development of our org, culture, community. 


    "Okay - well, based on your responses, which are off-putting to me, I'd like to express my frustration and discouragement to the three of you. 

    I volunteered to be the Director of S8CSC for 2017. I was limited on what I was able to do with s8csc for various reasons. Here are a few but not all of those reasons:
    1. Not being on the board causes a disconnect between supporters and the board unless we personally socialize with you outside of board meetings. 
    2. Limited funding due to the 20th Anniversary party. 
    3. Lack of communication. 

    I asked numerous times if I could be looped in if any playing opportunities arouse including supporters friendlies. The only supporter friendly we had this year I found out about via Twitter. I have a group of other supporters, who have helped with various soccer playing/s8csc games/tourneys over the years, who were willing to help if/when needed too as I contacted them before the season started asking if they'd be available to help. (Braulio, Josue, Greek Pete, Ben, Chow, Pattrick, etc.)

    Over the years, S8C has increasingly asked people to step up to volunteer to help the community. I've continuously stepped up to help, yet I've been ignored (before/after my time as a board member). If WE (the community) want to keep people engaged and involved and make them feel as though they're part of something, this is not the way to do it. I have been involved with S8C since 2004 and was previously a board member, and I have conflict and feel excluded from our community then I cannot imagine how other supporters feel with the lack of inclusivity. 

    If there was there a specific reason why my help is not wanted then I would hope that someone would be able to contact me about it. 

    With that said, the board cannot expect people to want to step up and volunteer if our efforts are continuously overlooked. 

    Lastly, there shouldn't be a debate between Fire Pitch and ChiTown. NYD tourney should be a ChiTown event. Fire Rec league took our idea and tried to compete with us in the past over our tourney. Not cool. There are plenty of other opportunities to have pickup games and/or tournaments at the Fire Pitch, and I gladly would have tried to coordinate one with Berch this year, but again, I wasn't able to do to funding for Oct 8.

    I want to add that I'll likely be sharing this e-mail publicly on the forums or otherwise, as I believe that we all need to be accountable for how our community is shaped.


    Note: I wrote the majority of this e-mail before Sean responded to it this morning.

    Here's a link to some notes on the tourney: http://www.s8c.org/forum/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/31807#Comment_31807. I have more notes from last year that I did not get to posting on the forums too. 

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