Playoff dates
  • I can only request day offs three weeks ahead of time. Would anyone  know the possible dates when the playoffs would be so I can request them off. thanks
  • This is what I've found. I put the home field advantage in BOLD. If we're #1 or #2 I think we have either a Wed/Thur game.

    Also announced Wednesday was the full playoff schedule, listed below:

    Wild-card matches: Wednesday, Oct. 31, or Thursday, Nov. 1.
    Conference semifinal first legs: Saturday, Nov. 3, or Sunday, Nov. 4
    Conference semifinal second legs: Wednesday, Nov. 7, or Thursday, Nov. 8
    Conference final first legs: Saturday, Nov. 10, or Sunday, Nov. 11
    Conference final second legs: Saturday, Nov. 17, or Sunday, Nov. 18
    MLS Cup: Saturday, Dec. 1

  • week day playoff games = lame. i'll still be there though.

  • Why is there a two game playoff format for the conference finals? That makes about as much sense as playoff games on a weekday. Oh wait...

  • The Fire are in the playoffs officially w/ Cbus and SKC's draw today.
  • Do playoff games have then normal $20 section 8 tickets or will I be paying extra/sitting other places?
  • Playoff games generally don't have price increases.  If you don't have Season Tickets and you order within a few hours of when they open sales, you shouldn't have a problem getting tickets.  The first playoff game is included with a season ticket.
  • plenty of reason to get a season ticket.
  • Seriously. Thats fucking sweet.
  • Unless we fall to 4th, our first playoff game will be in November.
  • I know, don't care. It's basically the playoffs already, anyhow.
  • I'm glad I will get to go with my season tickets and not have to worry about getting tickets before they sell out. 


    So get your damn season tickets for 2013!!!

  • To be clear, just getting 2013 season tickets is not enough, you also have to specify that you want your 2012 playoff tickets reserved.  You either have to return the form that was mailed to 2012 STHs or call a ticket rep by Oct. 15.
  • wait so if you renew you get all the playoffs included?   was gonna renew anyway
  • No. That's not what he said.
  • Thats what she said.
  • A little late, but I adore that design, Murtaugh. So damn good.
  • berchem not in his office today must be too hungover 
  • More where that came from.
  • Just renewed today, Esteban told me that prices for  the semi finals will be the same as regular season ticket holder prices ($10) (moot point because more than likely that round will be covered by Bonus Ticket #3) but Eastern Conference Finals and potentially MLS Cup will only be announced when they advance and those prices will be higher with a discount offered.

    At any rate I renewed for 2013 and said name your price for the playoffs because I am there!
  • Nice work Liam
  • Seriously. Amazing.
  • Hey Liam.....where the hell is the "stacker of wheat" quote in that?  No microprint?  pssshhhht.
  • Is playoffs? Is that an inside joke?
  • Is playoffs, bitches.
  • Is playoffs, Jack. Not picnic. 
  • You guys are never open to new ideas.
  • NO INSIDE JONES IN 2012!!!!

    I still can't believe we're in the playoffs again.
  • is playoffs, thats what she said.
  • Square format

  • And D. Boone smiled.
    In a roundabout way.

    Teams win trophies.

    Frank has built a team with egos checked at the door.
  • I just realized that all those people that sit in the two side sections during the game are probably in for a huge surprise. not sure what took me so long to realize this.
  • murtaugh, not sure if you get a notification when you get a message, but just in case you don't, check your PM's. Message sent.
  • "Is Playoffs, Not Picnic" was a spontaneous utterance from the capo stand back in 2003 by a Fire Ultra 98 (Marek?), during a playoff match at New Soldier Field. An accusation that Section 8 was being too quiet. It's gone viral in memory of the old-timers since then. @jackparanoia
  • I am sorry but I have to take the credit for this quote.
  • It was definitely Marcin.
  • If you sit outside the section, bring cameras, be at your seat at kickoff for the first round home playoff match.  You're going to see something absolutely fantastic unveiled.  
  • Is playoffs is def Marcin, but I am pretty sure Is not picnic predates it. I recall Jake–I think–screaming at a relatively sedate section circa 00 or so 'Is not picnic! Is no HOT DOG! Is no POPCORN!'.

    It was definitely pre-capo-stand days; when leading meant balancing on a five-inch wide concrete wall (the one from where that S8 'rock' comes) with a six-foot drop furnished by a sewer grate and chain-link fence behind you–often in the evening after a few drinks, while wearing sunglasses. This was also a time when security made them get down every 5 minutes or so, which was an amusing game.
  • ah good times.
  • So not to get too far ahead of things, but if we win on Saturday, we get 2nd in the East.

    Am I wrong to assume we need to plan on an away match for either November 3rd (Saturday) or 4th (Sunday), and that the match would most likely be in either New York or DC?

    Leaving out early morning Saturday to New York with a return flight early Sunday, Spirit has it listed around $189 now.

    DC, as usual, isn't as easy or cheap.
  • I have to set my schedule in advance, would anyone know what time the games would start. I know we have to wait till saturday, but have to do it before then.. thanks Are saturdays night, and sundays afternoons.

  • Ruben:  sit tight is the best I could say.  We won't know the final schedule until Houston finishes play at 10pm Saturday.  We can do everything from host semis to host (I'm pretty sure we'd have the differential) a knock-out round next week.  

    Which is why the team must win Saturday and we must get in the stadium early to push the odds in our favor.
  • Great a game on halloween
  • I agree, goddamnit! Today was fun but another goal would have been 1000x better.
  • is Wednesday night confirmed or is it still possibly Thursday?
  • Wednesday night is confirmed. And while I haven't heard definitively beyond that, I would think Saturday in KC if/when we beat Houston.

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