ISA Response to the banning of section 101.

The recent decision to issue a ticket cancellation to all ticket holders in section 101 is of great concern to the ISA. This community takes pride in our history as a club, and the supporters driven culture that this club was built upon. This culture is founded upon trust between the club and it’s supporters and this trust was breached by the Chicago Fire in their actions against all ticket holders in section 101.

While incidents of violence in supporters culture must be taken very seriously, this most recent incident was not linked to any incidents of violence and feels like a dramatic overreach by the club and only serves to erode the Fire’s most loyal base of supporters. In light of this action, Section 8 Chicago cannot, in good conscience, participate in any activities that 101 has been prohibited from doing. Tickets for the Harlem End will no longer be sold for the June 9th match against New England, and Section 8 Chicago will not be participating in organized support. Harlem End ticket holders can make their own decisions whether to attend the game or not, but the ISA will not provide the organized elements of support that the front office has taken for granted until this is resolved. Once again, we call upon MLS and the Fire front office to produce a list of infractions and punishments for supporters groups to establish the precedent for these actions.

We would also like to stress that our solidarity with section 101 in not contributing organized support to this game does not reflect our level of support for the players or the pride night events on June 9th. Section 8 Chicago is completely committed to our unwavering support of the LGBTQ+ community and anyone with a ticket to the game is still able to attend and support pride night. We will be looking into an appropriate date for Section 8 Chicago to be hosting our communities own pride night in the near future.

Below is the letter sent to both Sector Latino and Section 8 Chicago leadership to inform them of this decision.