S8C Donation to Assata’s Daughters

Section 8 Chicago would like to send its condolences to Assata’s Daughters as they go through a difficult period in their herstory. 

Two weeks ago, during the week of Assata Shakur’s birthday, the City of Chicago seized and bulldozed the group’s home quarters after an arson attempt. Having a space in which to work is vital for AD’s success in educating and mentoring Chicago’s youth.

In the hope of aiding them in finding a new space, the ISA is donating $1000, a product of our Rock Against Racism scarf sales as well as an additional grant from the board. In solidarity, we look forward to the hopes, dreams, and actions that will continue to come from the programs offered by one of Chicago’s most invaluable organizations.

Please consider donating, if you can: http://www.assatasdaughters.org/donate-1