Section 8 Chicago ISA Statement on Ownership Announcement

09132019PR S8C


Chicago Fire Supporters feel intense optimism and excitement after today’s announcement that Joe Mansueto has assumed majority ownership of the team.

Section 8 Chicago, the Independent Supporters’ Association of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club that represents the interests of all Fire fans, is pleased to share in the excitement that today’s announcement has brought to the Chicago soccer community. For more than ten years, Fire fans have demanded more from the team’s previous owner – more passion, more honor through victory, and a commitment to the tradition of excellence seen in the Fire’s early years. Over these years supporters engaged in concerted campaigns, from letter-writing to demonstrations and boycotts, as a means of drawing attention to the club’s unfortunate condition.

Today at noon, Chicago Fire fans were greeted with some of the most exciting and inspiring team news in more than a decade. Section 8 Chicago believes Joe Mansueto will bring in a new era of success for the Chicago Fire and, as such, we embrace this announcement as something wholly positive for the club, its supporters, and the Chicago soccer community.

Nicole Hack, Chair of Section 8 Chicago, reacting to the news said, “I see this as the biggest step yet to a new beginning for the club. We, as longtime supporters of the club, look forward to a new era of local ownership and extend our best wishes for the success of the club and new majority-owner Joe Manseuto.”

“My phone has been ringing nonstop for an hour”, said Karl Schuster, Director of Communications for Section 8 Chicago, ISA. “The spirit of excitement and optimism felt by Fire fans today is something many Fire supporters, especially younger ones, have only rarely if ever experienced.”

This is a moment of celebration for the Chicago Fire community the likes of which haven’t been experienced for quite some time. Across the city and suburbs tonight, in backyards and in the pubs and breweries, expect glasses to be raised in toasts to a brighter future for the club we love so dearly. GO FIRE!