Section 8 Chicago Statement on MLS and CFSC Iron Front Ban

Section 8 Chicago (S8C) has been informed by the Chicago Fire Soccer Club Front Office (CFSC) that CFSC will be adhering to the MLS ban on banners, flags, and tifo bearing the Iron Front logo henceforth, regardless of the gameday decision made on August 14 when CFSC officials permitted the display of Iron Front imagery.

We vehemently disagree with this policy and again reiterate that we do not believe explicitly antifascist imagery is political in nature. That being said, Chicago Fire supporters need to be aware that that utilizing the Iron Front logo in displays will be considered a violation of the MLS Code of Conduct as a Level 2 offense. We urge that supporters comply with any requests from security or CFSC officials to remove banners, flags, or other materials that contain prohibited imagery.

We met with CFSC officials on Tuesday, August 27 and had requested written confirmation of the policy, which we received today:

“The Chicago Fire Soccer Club enforces MLS’ policy on the Iron Front flag.”

To avoid confrontation with Monterrey Security and disciplinary action or unintentional Code of Conduct violations by supporters who were present at the August 14 match, we ask that you share this information. We firmly believe our supporters should be protected and informed.