Supporters’ Club of the Month: CF97 Sirens

Many of those involved with Section 8 Chicago and in the broader Chicago soccer community choose to express their support for the Chicago Fire by forming supporter’ communities. These communities are as diverse as Chicago Fire fans themselves.

For many, the appeal of forming such communities is being able to gather with like-minded friends and fans as well as attracting new ones based on shared interests. In recognition of Women’s History Month we’re speaking with supporters’ clubs lead by and comprised of women. We spoke to Cider Cunts earlier this month and we conclude with Nicole Hack and several other members of the CF97 Sirens.

Sirens celebrate Chicago Fire Soccer Club’s 20th Anniversary

Supporters’ Group Name: CF97 Sirens. We want to note that we consider CF97 Sirens is a community of female supporters, rather than a supporters group. We’re inclusive of all women and have no formal membership structure. 

S8C: When was your SG founded?

CF97 Sirens: We were founded in 2013, but we didn’t decide on a name until 2015.

S8C: If there is one, what is the story behind your SG’s name?

CF97 Sirens: In 2015, we collectively shared name suggestions and voted on them. Sirens won because it’s an awesome play on words representing both Fire sirens and Sirens of Greek mythology, who were known to lure sailors in with their music and singing voices. We like to think we lure our Men in Red to score a goal with our singing and chanting. Other nominations were: Jane Addams Army, Firettes, Mrs. O’Leary’s Milkmaids, Ladies in Red, and we can’t forget, Ladies in Gradient Blue, a nod to the 2014 Quaker sponsored Fire jerseys.

Sirens at Chicago’s 2018 Pride Parade

S8C: Why did you choose to found this SG?

CF97 Sirens: As a long-time Fire supporter, I found myself frustrated by the male-dominance of the culture, especially in terms of dialogue on Fire related supporters forums so I wanted to provide myself and other women a safe space to discuss our love for the team and the beautiful game with other like-minded female supporters. This was my main inspiration, but I also wanted to highlight the work that women were doing in the community and encourage women to participate more and to feel comfortable doing so.

S8C: What are your specific interests or focus of the SG?

CF97 Sirens: Our interests or goals as a group are to connect with one another in a female only forum in the hopes that we will inspire, unite, motivate, & encourage one another in a culture that is male-dominated. By providing women a safe space to engage with one another it will hopefully allow us the chance to have a louder voice in the Chicago Fire community. We hope to encourage more women to get involved, come to more games, and we want to continue to highlight Sirens in Chicago Fire’s supporters’ scene.

Sirens tailgating in March 2019

S8C: What upcoming projects are CF97 Sirens working on?

CF97 Sirens: Our first two-pole is in the process of being made thanks to the work of Moria Dailey Nestmann (S8C Director of Marketing) and others. Several members of our community (Maud Squires, Moria, and Meredith Miklasz) are hosting this Saturday’s tailgate to benefit the Chicago Community Kitchen scholarship initiative Section 8 Chicago is working on this season. We hope to have scarves made in the future. We’re always looking for more women to get involved and help us with charity initiatives, event hosting, or merch designs.

S8C: What are you / your SG most excited about in the upcoming season?

Carmen Norgaard: I’m excited to see what Gaitan will add to the team and how he’ll combine with Nikolic. 
Carri Alldredge: Being back in the stadium with everyone! 
Meredith Miklasz: I’m excited about having a bigger presence than ever and trying to involve more women who are new to the love of soccer, not just MLS or Fire games. I’m also excited to be more hands-on and pushing “to the front” where we’re visible. 
Nicole Hack: As a board member, I am excited to rebuild after the hardships we endured in the 2018 season. I’m also excited to see our creative attack with the team’s new signings. I’m also excited to see how Marcelo and Ousted play in the back 

Connect with CF97 Sirens on social media:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Page | Facebook Group (women only!)