Supporters’ Group of the Month: Cider Cunts

Many of those involved with Section 8 Chicago and the broader Chicago soccer community choose to express their support for the Chicago Fire by forming supporters’ groups. These groups are as diverse as Chicago Fire fans themselves. For many, the appeal of forming a supporters’ group is being able to gather with like-minded friends and fans as well as attracting new ones based on shared interests.

We’ll be featuring a different group each month, and this month we spoke with Betsy, a founding member of the Cider Cunts.

Supporter Group Name: Cider Cunts

Section 8 Chicago: If there is one, what is the story behind your name?

Cider Cunts: There was a time period when Section 8 was rife with misogynist rhetoric with women being excluded from certain supporters groups, dealing with Twitter trolls, and hateful targeting of specific powerful women and sisters in leadership positions. The name is a feminist riff on other, more male-oriented supporters groups (Whiskey Brothers, Banter Buddies, etc.) and attempts to reclaim and de-mystify a word typically used by the patriarchy in a derogatory fashion.

S8C: When was your SG founded?

CC: While it was a running joke from 2014, after the blackout during the 2015 season, there was an incident that included one of the male Fire fans laying hands on me during an argument in the stands. As a result of this, Maud and I were demonized on the Facebook page, mistakenly amalgamated into one person, and called cunts by the men who were confronting us in the stands. So, rather than hiding or backing down, we decided to fight back and reclaim the word as well as our place in the stands.

S8C: What are your specific interests or focus of the SG?

CC: Smashing the patriarchy, drinking cider, supporting one another and the wider Fire community.

Inked up!

S8C: What upcoming projects is your SG working on?

CC: Supporting the Fire for Food Drive and the ‪October 8th‬ Committee and the Malort 5K!

S8C: Is your SG hosting any upcoming events?

CC: We will likely host a fabulous tailgate that will be extremely well-organized and run by fabulously dressed women.  

S8C: What are you most excited about in the upcoming season?

CC: Continuing to radically confront dipshits who can’t handle our name.


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