Today we remember Brandon Kitchens

On this day, eleven years ago, the Chicago Fire community lost one of it’s greatest supporters and most passionate members. Today we remember Brandon Kitchens, president and co-founder of Whiskey Brothers Aught Five.

Brandon was president of one of the Fire’s most passionate supporters groups – Whiskey Brothers Aught Five. He supported the Fire before, during and after his three tours of duty in the Middle East. He left the United States Air Force in May 2007 and started working with Chicago 2016, the organization working to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to the city.

He had planned to attend Northwestern University in the fall of 2007 and begin working toward a Political Science degree. Brandon was easily found on Fire game days as he would stand on the capo-stand and lead chants for his fellow supporters. He used his passion to write a powerful message to fellow Fire fans prior to the start of the 2007 Fire season. His “Stand and Deliver” message has since become Section 8’s creed.

Brandon’s co-founder of wb05, Karl, gives us these words to remember Brandon by on this day.

To those who wish to follow Karl’s advice, we encourage everyone to take the time to read Stand & Deliver today.

Stand and Deliver